Privacy Statement

  1. The eGift Card Service is provided by Electronicline Loyalty Solutions (Proprietary) Limited [Register Number 2007/016886/07] (“Electronicline®”)], duly incorporated under the Companies Act of South Africa (collectively “the Service Providers”).

  2. This Privacy Statement sets out the manner in which the Service Providers will process and protect your personal information in compliance with applicable data protection and privacy legislation and regulation.

  3. The Service Providers may request your personal details upon using our website, and the information furnished will be collected and captured in our database in order to contact you.

  4. Personal information furnished will under no circumstance be distributed to any other third party, nor will it be sold, and the Service Providers will not forward any spam nor any information which is not related to the marketing of our products or business.

  5. Protection of your privacy is very important to us. These data protection terms and conditions explain how your data will be collected and used, and what obligations we have to protect this data through the provision of the eGift Card Service.

  6. If you have any questions relating to these data protection regulations or require any further information, please send an email to .

Information collection

  1. Reservation of consent: Any collection, use or transmission of information that identifies you personally or enables us to contact you ("Personal Information") requires your prior express consent.

  2. Necessity of collection: Collection of your information is typically necessary when you register for one of our online services or wish to provide us with your personal details so that we can contact you. For these purposes, during registration we will ask you for information including your name, e-mail address, postal address and your cell phone number. If you choose to enter a competition or take part in any other promotional campaign, we may under certain circumstances require information such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for competition management purposes and to enable us to notify the winners.

  3. Anonymous use: If you do not wish to register or provide any personal details, you will still be able to visit most areas of our Web sites. However, registration may be required to access individual services, benefits and pages.

  4. Information required for technical purposes : The above excludes information that your Internet browser transmits for technical reasons when you access our websites to ensure that the page content is displayed automatically. Such information includes the URL of any referring Web site, your IP address and the date and time of access to our Web sites, your browser type, browser language and browser variables. We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our website.

  5. Your IP address allows us to identify which pages of our Web sites were accessed and how much time was spent on these pages. Your IP address is also used to collect general demographic data. However, we do not link IP addresses collected in this manner to personal data and we are not able to assign an IP address to an individual person in such cases. User sessions are logged but the users themselves remain anonymous. We do not use this information for any other purposes.

  6. Security. We store the collected data on a secure server in a private network. This increases the security of your data and reduces the risk of your data being misused by third parties.

  7. Accuracy of the data: Once you have registered, you can amend and correct your data via our registration system at any time. Should our automated system not accept or implement your changes, you can send an e-mail at any time to asking us to amend your data, said amendments to be effected within 48 hours, with the understanding that should we not be able to process the amendments due to reasons beyond our control the said amendments will be processed within a reasonable time.

Use of personal information

  1. Designated purpose: the Service Providers use the collected information to justify, implement and process contractual relationships and to process associated payments. The data may also be used to modify and improve our services, products and in some cases promotional activities, at our discretion.

  2. Transfer of information to third parties: the Service Providers reserve the right to make customer information available to affiliated companies, partners and other third parties. However, these partners or third parties that are contractually associated with the Service Providers may only use the customer data to perform or conclude necessary transactions or functions to which you have consented and require access and which are relating to contractual relationships or products of Any transactions or performance of such functions by third parties must comply with the rules outlined in these data protection terms and conditions.

  3. Prosecution: In individual cases, the Service Providers may make collected data available to the relevant law enforcement agencies, to avert danger, to fulfill its legal duties or to assert its intellectual property rights.

  4. Reservation of consent; no sale of data: the Service Providers will not make any personal data available to anyone other than the abovementioned third parties without prior consent. In particular, the Service Providers will not sell the data of any customers or users of its websites.

Newsletter ("Opt In")

  1. Registration: When registering on our Web sites or using our services in any other way, customers may be given the opportunity to sign up for specific newsletter and other services that will provide customers with web and mobile services, as well as related information on special offers, additional functionality, updates, programs, new products and/or services or functionality.

  2. Unsubscribing: Customers can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via the link in the newsletter itself or by contacting us via that the onus is on the client to unsubscribe and to inform us of his wish to unsubscribe, and should we not receive the notice or request we will not be liable as a result of continues marketing or similar emails being sent to the client, until the request has been received by us.

Links to other sites

  1. This Web site contains links to other Web sites. Please note that the Service Providers cannot assume any responsibility for the data protection practices or content of these websites or for the manner in which they may collect data. Read the data protection policy of each Web site( listed)you visit with care, as this may differ from our data protection regulations. Our data protection policy applies exclusively to our websites.

Integration of Functions from Third-Party Providers:

  1. Facebook, Third Party Suppliers, Vendors and Twitter: This Web site contains plug-ins from the social networking site, Vendors, Third Party Suppliers and If you access a page of our Web site that contains one of these plug-ins, a connection to the/ these servers will be established and the plug-in will be shown on the web page following notification of your browser. This notifies the plug-in server as to which of our web pages you have visited. For further information review how the API collects and uses data, your rights in relation to this and further options for protecting your privacy in connection with these services, please see the data protection information on all third parties.

  2. Third Party Api’s: Our Web sites offer functions from various platforms. We use our interface for this purpose. For further information on each partner (List) and how they collect and uses data, your rights in relation to this and further options for protecting your privacy in connection with these connection services, please see the data protection information provided by these services.

Use of “cookies”

  1. Use of cookies: When you visit our website, what are known as cookies are saved on your device, smart phone , or computer. These cookies record information about your surfing behaviour (selected language, country, pages loaded, date, time of day, length of visit etc.). We can then access this information on your next visit, enabling us to adapt the Web site to your personal preferences and reduce loading times to a minimum. Moreover, we use this information to automatically populate forms with your data so that you don't have to enter it again yourself. The use of cookies is commonplace and offers many advantages. Most major websites use cookies. The information contained in cookies relating to how and when visitors use a website helps us identify which sections of the Web site are popular and which are not. Many improvements and updates stem from information gathered by cookies. Cookies also help us to offer customized web content and meet the needs of our visitors. "Session cookies", which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed, are required among other things to carry out online purchases.

  2. Sensitive data: We do not store passwords and similarly critical transactional data in cookies. Our websites do not use cookies to gather personal data from your computer that has not been sent as a cookie when you first visit the website.

  3. Blocking cookies: You can choose to manage the use of cookies yourself or even block them altogether by configuring your browser as follows: If you use Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" and "Internet Options", select the "Privacy" tab and click on "Advanced". This allows you to block the use of cookies altogether. Blocking cookies may restrict the functionality of the Web site or web-based programs.